New plays up

It’s been a delightful year for producing plays at Hutt Valley High School. We’ve trialled two new pieces, Fight or Flight, with my Year 12s, and Fracture, with my Year 13s. Fracture may well end up being my favorite play; I was delighted with the way it turned out. Both are up on the site now, if you’re interested in reading them, or using them on stage yourself. As always, feel free to mess around with it any way you like, they’re yours to play with.

I’m reminded, in posting this, that a great many of my novels have started their lives as stage plays (Lester, No Alarms, Malcolm and Juliet and Genesis) and my current novel project is based round my play Singer. Starting with a play gives the luxury of being able to explore the themes and characters in a fluid and interactive environment, and is perhaps the best prep for writing a novel that I can think of. I remain indebted to the fabulously talented students who help me bring these stories alive. Mine is a very lucky profession (and I write this in the middle of yet another set of holidays).

2 thoughts on “New plays up

  1. maggy says:

    Just finished reading Fracture, I didn’t expect to be so utterly absorbed in a story constructed only by dialogue.

    That was a brilliant place to end the story but also the worst because I just have so many unanswered questions and so much more that I want to see!

    Thank you for making me want to explore plays as a medium to experiment with 🙂

  2. Thanks Maggy

    The advantage of performing a play, rather than just reading it, is that you can spend an awful lot of time thinking and talking about what an open ending like that means, so that, even though the words didn’t change, the ending we offered the audience played out much more solidly than it does on paper. In essence, we got our Maggie into a place of strength, where for the first time she embraced what was ahead of her (med school) as a future she had chosen, rather than stumbled into.

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